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CETEC is a multi-disciplined consultancy offering Professional Scientific Solutions
We help you to assess, solve and manage your technical risks.

How CETEC minimizes risk

Overview of CETEC

Introduction to CETEC and Foray Laboratories including The Way We Work, Our Services, Our Expertise and Insurances.

Evidence-Based Solutions

At CETEC, our experts are here to help, providing evidence-based solutions to keep your indoor environment safe, productive and open for business.

The Value of CETEC

The Value of CETEC is due to our expertise, our communication and our qualifications

Our Key People

Our key staff and their roles


CETEC are proud supporters for a range of scientific and environmental based programs and events in the our local communities and nationally. Learn more about what we do.

Careers at CETEC

Learn more about working at CETEC and Foray Laboratories

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