otal Volatile Organic Compounds by GC-MS

NATA - ISO 17025 Accreditation

CETEC’s wholly owned laboratory, FORAY Laboratories, is proudly ISO 17025 accredited by NATA, in addition to holding a number of method specific accreditations.

This NATA certification ensures that FORAY Laboratories maintains compliance with a number of quality principles as outlined in ISO17025 including Corrective Actions, Quality Management amongst other requirements.  Foray Laboratories is an accreditated facility for both Biological and Chemical Testing.

Further to the laboratory certification, FORAY Laboratories has NATA accreditation(s) for the following methods:

  • Rapid Legionella analysis and Plate Count (Heterotrophic Colony Count - AS/NZS 4276.3.2:2003)  
  • Sampling of potable water
  • Organic emissions from indoor materials and products (ASTM D5116)
  • Collection of organics by pump and tube technique (AS 2986.1)
  • Formaldehyde by GC-MS
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds by GC-MS

FORAY Laboratories is proud to maintain NATA accreditation and compliance as it “provides a means of determining, formally recognising and promoting the competence of  facilities to perform specific types of testing, inspection, calibration and other related activities”. 

The principles of the ISO17025 system apply to all activities conducted by FORAY Laboratories including (but not limited to):

To find out more about how the CETEC and FORAY Laboratories team can assist you with your testing requirements please don’t hesitate to contact Travis Hale on +61 3 9544 9111 or contact us.


Foray Laboratories is NATA Accredited

Foray Laboratories is  NATA accredited laboratory No. 1231. - See more at: http://www.cetec.com.au/about/value#sthash.ex1MEH5r.dpuf
Foray Laboratories is  NATA accredited laboratory No. 1231. - See more at: http://www.cetec.com.au/about/value#sthash.ex1MEH5r.dpuf


FORAY Laboratories is NATA accredited laboratory No. 1231

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is  NATA accredited laboratory No. 123

Through our collaboration with CSIRO,  the Universities and the Australian Synchrotron, we are able to access and interpret the outputs from high level equipment.

Due to CETEC’s wide ranging areas of expertise, we are also able to provide a broad range of services.

All our consultants are experienced scientists with knowledge and expertise in laboratory procedures and practices. Several consultants hold higher degress including doctorates and specialise in laboratory design consulting. This expertise is beneficial to many of our clients operating in specialised industrial, laboratory or hospital environments.

Our Communication and Reports

We are proud of the range of clients we have served over the last 25 years and would not have achieved success without an appreciation of confidentiality issues between ourselves and our clients and continually displaying a high level of integrity at all times.  Furthermore, we are proud of the transparency that exists between ourselves and our clients and our ability to translate complex scientific information into reports that create value and are easy to comprehend.

The trust that has been accumulated with our clients is one of the key reasons for our continued success in the industry.

We are able to provide ongoing support. We take a proactive approach to reviewing reports, inventories and databases. We are able to discuss our ongoing supporting services with all relevant stakeholders and supply services with competitive consultant expertise and rates

CETEC’s reports have been specifically designed for the end user. As such, they are highly visual in nature to maximize the value delivered to our clients and also to other stakeholders such as facility managers, designers, property owners, and the occupants.

Our Qualifications

Some of the qualifications and expertise by our team of consultants includes:

  • Our field consultants all have current Master Builders’ site safety White Cards which qualify them to carry out work on construction sites.
  • NATA registered laboratory assessor
  • Approved DHS Cooling Tower systems auditor
  • Licensed Asbestos Assessor for Class A (friable) asbestos (NSW)
  • NABERS Accredited Assessors
  • Commercial Building Disclosure - Accredited Assessor
  • Independent Chair of GBCA assessors
  • A Radiation Safety Officer



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Foray Laboratories is  NATA accredited laboratory No. 1231.

- See more at: http://www.cetec.com.au/about/value#sthash.ex1MEH5r.dpuf