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This infographic captures how CETEC minimizes risk for our clients, the key services on offer, why we are different and facts about CETEC.
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Office Air quality assessment at London South Bank University - Poster presented by Paul Ajiboye at UK Indoor Environment Conference held in May 2019
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Josiah Padget from CETEC presented on the topic - Incorporating Water Risk Management in Design, Commissioning and Operation of a Health Care Facility - at the National Legionella Conference on the Gold Coast on 14 November, 2017
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Vyt Garnys from CETEC presented on the topic - National and International Approaches to Legionella Control in health and aged care facilities - at the National Legionella Conference on the Gold Coast on 14 November, 2017
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Recording of Josiah Padget, Lead Consultant and Microbiologist on the Stav, Abby and Matt with Osher show on Hit105 in Brisbane on 18/10/17. Listen to who had the dirtiest phone and what was found in Matt's beard
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This paper written by Paul Ajiboye and Dr Vyt Garnys of CETEC and David Hemming of Leeds Beckett University was presented at the SEEDS International Conference held in Leeds, UK in September 2017. This paper examined the post occupancy performance of a building designed for energy and wellbeing of occupants when set against internationally recognised indoor environment quality and wellbeing benchmarks. The paper received a SEEDS Award for Building Performance and Evaluation.
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Indoor Environmental Quality, Wellbeing and Productivity - Summary of workshop outcomes from Healthy Buildings 2017 held 5 July in Lublin
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Josiah Padget's article was published in the December 2015 edition of The Hospital Engineer. This article discusses state and new national guidelines, how some healthcare facilities are leading the way and also how poor plumbing design and practices can be costly in the long run.
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Dr Vyt Garnys presented at the International Legionella Fast Detection Congress on 26 November, 2015. The topic was Rapid Methods of Testing for Legionella, with a major focus on analysing and managing the microbial risk.
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The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane organised and hosted “Legionella Control – Everybody’s business”, a conference promoting and educating practitioners in Best Practice in Hospital Water Safety. Travis Hale and Dr Vyt Garnys presented on the subject of Progress to Legionella guidelines and methods to detect and manage water quality risk.
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This article was published in December 2014 issue of Ecolibrium. (Publication of AIRAH) The author Sean McGowan interviewed Bruce Precious, Ania Hampton, Rob Lord and CETEC's Jack Noonan. In the wake of rising energy costs and the need to act on climate change, energy efficiency has become paramount. But in the process of this happening, have we forgotten that buildings are actually meant for the people who work in them?
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Published December 2014 in The Hospital Engineer, this article written by Jack Noonan, discusses the importance of IEQ or Indoor Environment Quality in Hospitals
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This presentation by Dr Vyt Garnys was made the annual IHEA (Institute of Hospital Engineering, Australia) conference in October 2014 in a dedicated Legionella risk session.
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This poster was presented at Indoor Air 2014, in Hong Kong. the international conference of International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ)
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The paper, The Unintended and Emerging Consequences from Sustainability Initiatives was presented at the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) annual conference held during May 2014.
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This article, written by Jack Noonan and Dr Vyt Garnys was published in the March 2014 Edition of The Hospital Engineer. Key elements include tips for forming a water quality team and what's required for a Water Quality Risk Management Plan.
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Presented at FMA Breakfast event in Brisbane in February by Dr Vyt Garnys
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This article written jointly by CETEC's, Dr Vyt Garnys and Jahangir Yar Khan, Joint President of Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd was published in the February edition of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Newsletter - Mumbai chapter.
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Published in the December edition of the Hospital Engineer, this article, written by Dr Vyt Garnys, highlights the key learnings for health care facilities from the International Conference on Legionella (Legionella 2013) held in late October, as well other recent developments, arising from a recent high profile legionella outbreak.
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This paper was presented at the 8th International Conference of Legionella - also known as Legionella 2013 on 30 October in Melbourne. Authors were Dr Vyt Garnys, Dr Paul Bartley and Raghuram Muguli.
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This paper written by Travis Hale, Dr Vyt Garnys, Raghuram Muguli and Scott Stevens of CETEC was published in the September 2013 edition of the Hospital Engineer. This paper describes actions taken post a Legionella outbreak in a full service hospital including the development and use of the novel CETEC cleaning method.
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This article written by Dr Vyt Garnys was published in the Hotel Engineer in July 2013. It highlights Practical Control Measures, explains about Legionella risk in warm and cold water systems as well as the importance of management having an appropriate Action Plan.
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This article was published in Facilities Perspective in June 2013. It discusses the emergence of green buildings and the emphasis on occupant health and wellbeing, which are two of the main reasons that many in the property and construction industry know what volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are, and why their importance is no longer ignored.
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This presentation by Dr Vyt Garnys was made at the GBCA event, Workplace of the Future Summit on 30th January in Melbourne. The focus was on the key themes, learnings and outcomes from the International Healthy Buildings conference, HB2012.
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This presentation was made by Jack Noonan at FM Technology Summit in Sydney on 12 December. For a copy of the full presentation please contact jack@cetec.com.au
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In this article published in FM Magazine (January 2013), CETEC’s Adam Garnys discusses the state of indoor environment quality (IEQ) in Australia, questions where the responsibility for IEQ lies and debates how a balance can be created for better IEQ in the long run.
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Dr Paulo Da Silva presented this paper at Laboratory Managers 2012 Conference in Melbourne in November 2012
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This presentation was made by Dr Vyt Garnys and Andrew Bellamy of CETEC at AIRAH's annual Pre-loved buildings conference in November 2012
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Written by Dr Vyt Garnys and Jack Noonan, this feature cover article was published in Facility Perspectives, September 2012.
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Presentation made by Andrew Bellamy at Healthy Building 2012. Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and Productivity Studies are increasingly used to predict and quantify the economic benefit of improving IEQ in a working environment.
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Presentation made by Dr Vyt Garnys at Healthy Buildngs 2012
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Presentation by Jack Noonan, CETEC at Healthy Buildings 2012
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Presentation made by Travis Hale, CETEC at Healthy Building 2012
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A Joint Study by CETEC and Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP), Germany presented by Adam Garnys, CETEC at Healthy Buildings 2012
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This presentation was made by Anne Saletti, CETEC at Healthy Buildings 2012
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Presentation made at FMA ideaction May 2012 and FMA event on World FM day - June 2012
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CETEC document that explains the benefits and details concerning CETEC's Work Environment Productivity Assessments
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Interesting article published in the Education Review - February 2012. This article discusses the declining participation of senior secondary school students in studying chemistry and science and the likely causes and solutions.
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Article written by Dr Vyt Garnys of CETEC published in Facility Perspectives, December 2011
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Article published in 2010 in Building Services Journal about office indoor air quality and its effect on the occupant
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CETEC providing content for this PCA document and we highly recommend this document for building and facility managers.
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Article published in 2010 in Building Services Journal about the measurement and identification of chemical (VOC) emissions from building products
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