How Tight is your Building?

Wednesday 3 August, 2016

Energy efficiency and effectiveness of maintaining a comfortable and safe indoor environment

Unlike ventilation, air leakage is the uncontrolled and unwanted flow of air through gap and cracks of a buildings structure. Even though these gaps and cracks may be small, they do have a significant impact on a buildings energy needs and hence effectiveness of maintaining a comfortable indoor environment for its occupants.

Furthermore, the opposite can be said for some buildings, particularly in hospital & healthcare facilities or pharmaceutical and food manufacturing.  For these facilities it is vital for to restrict unfiltered and possibility contaminated air from entering all or part of a building.

CETEC has the expertise and capabilities, using high powered fans and other equipment to assist you with achieving appropriate air tightness for your building.  

Our certified equipment allow us to test to the following internationally recognised standards including ATTMA (Technical Standard L2), ASTM E779 and AS/NZS ISO 9972 to meet Green Star, Passivhaus and ASHRAE requirements. 

This process involves:

  • Calculating a buildings envelope size and its volume to determine the appropriate equipment needed
  • Consulting with the client to ensure venational inlets and outlets are appropriately sealed.
  • Set up of high powered fans and other equipment to test for a buildings air tightness
  • Production of a detailed report including results and recommendations to different standards.

To learn more about Building Air Tightness and Leakage or discuss your building assessments requirements, please contact the CETEC team.