Asbestos in Your Home?

Thursday 7 November, 2013

November is National Asbestos Awareness month, so it is a great opportunity to learn more about how to safely handle and deal with asbestos.  

The team at CETEC highly recommend this guide, produced by the Environmental Health Standing Committee (enHealth) and endorsed by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee.  It is a national publication and provides useful information to enable householders to sensibly and safely manage the risks arising from any occasional encounters with asbestos materials in and around their homes.

You can download the document directly from our website via the cover page link or you can visit the Department of Health website to view the document and other useful documents online.

Better Homes and Gardens also recently presented a segment on how to deal with asbestos in the home.  This video includes where asbestos is typically found, what not to do, when you need to call the experts and even how to temporarily seal asbestos, if you have damaged asbestos sheeting.  

If you are concerned about asbestos in your home, we strongly recommend you check out both this guide and/or the video.  They are both a great starting place to learn more so you can minimise the risks of asbestos in your home.

To download this document from Department of Health website


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