Outcomes from Asbestos Summit 2

Thursday 13 September, 2012

Andrew Bellamy Senior Consultant at CETEC recently attended the "National Asbestos Summit 2”  held by the ACTU and the Cancer Council to discuss the findings of the Asbestos Management Review commissioned by the federal government in 2010.

Speakers at the summit included the Hon Bill Shorten MP, Minister for Workplace Relations who announced the establishment of an Office of Asbestos Safety, Senator Lisa Singh, Co-chair of the Parliamentary Group on Asbestos Related Disease (PGARD)  and Geoff Fary, Chairman of the Asbestos Management Review.

The key recommendations of the review included:

  • Requirement to provide an asbestos content report (asbestos register) at the point of sale or lease of residential properties
  • Staged removal of all asbestos containing materials in government and commercial buildings by a target date of 2030   
  • Establishment of a national body responsible for the administration of the national strategic management of asbestos

For more information on asbestos management in residential, commercial or government buildings please contact CETEC and talk to Andrew or one of our other expert consultants.

Bill Shorten at press conference during Asbestos Summit 2

At a press conference held during the summit, Bill Shorten stated: "This is the first time in the history of Australia that we are going to see a coordinated, national approach to the management and removal of asbestos"