Batesford Hub Interior shot Batesford Community Hub

Batesford Community Hub: A Case Study of a Healthy, Green, and Affordable Community Building

Monday 8 October, 2012

Located in the heart of City of Monash at Batesford Road Chadstone, Batesford Community Hub explodes the myth that the construction of healthy and green community buildings cost more.

Jack Noonan, Consultant at CETEC recently presented at the 5th International Urban Design Conference and the Government Sustainability Conference, alongside Charles Nilsen, Manager of Urban Design and Architecture at the City of Monash.

Charles spoke about the ESD elements of the building and the energy and water savings. Jack spoke in depth about the specific focus on indoor environment quality, and why it is so important to buildings such as this, and what building elements contributed to the Batesford Community Hub having high indoor environment quality. Both conferences were well attended and the case study generated widespread interest.

Both Jack and Charles will be presenting the case study at the upcoming Thriving Neighbourhoods conference on November 12th in Melbourne.