UNSW CETEC Prize Winners

Wednesday 21 May, 2014

In early May, Dr Vyt Garnys attended The University of NSW, School of Chemistry Prize evening to present the CETEC Prize for Best performance in Honours Thesis to Vera Diachenko and Nicholas Konstandaras.  

Vera and Nicholas both submitted excellent thesis in 2013 which had the greatest potential for commercial application.

 UNSW Prize Winners
School of Chemistry Prize Winners for 2013 at the Awards Evening in May 2014

It was a rewarding evening for all visitors to learn that the School of Chemistry is undergoing a resurgence with a record number of post graduate students including more than 100 students undergoing doctoral studies.  Furthermore, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Les Field at UNSW still has active research projects at the School of Chemistry. 

As a provider of scientific services to industry, the team at CETEC both welcomes and look forwards to a very high standard and volume of research from this school, as well as excellent graduates in the short to medium term. 

CETEC has been sponsoring the School of Chemistry's top honours students for the CETEC Prize since 2008 as a way of encouraging and supporting both research and top students at The University of NSW.  Read more

Vyt Garnys and Nicholas Konstandaras

One of the Prize Winners - Nicholas Konstandaras with Dr Vyt Garnys, at the awards evening in May 2014