Laboratory Space for hire

From Garage to Go

Thursday 6 April, 2017

Do you need office / meeting / laboratory space to build, test or develop your product?

The Eastern Innovation Business Centre is a brand new high tech facility located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.  It provides a hothouse environment in which to turn innovative ideas into commercial successes.

It provides flexible working options for low-cost business development and growth whilst providing start-ups with access to professional meeting rooms, presentation facilities and lab space.   

Why Work at the Eastern Innovation Business Centre or EIBC? 

  • Affordable laboratories to test and showcase your product
  • Collaborate with others
  • Look more professional
  • Find mentors
  • Access to people and events to accelerate your business
  • Affordable spaces for your innovative ideas

To learn more call EIBC on 1300 462 822.

CETEC and the EIBC

CETEC provided specialist advice for the building design.  This advice was provided to both optimise the laboratory spaces and also to ensure a high standard of indoor environment quality for the entire facility.

The team at CETEC want to encourage local entrepreneurs and SMEs who need extra office or laboratory space to consider the EIBC.  This is an excellent resourced and supported co-working facility -  with wet and dry laboratories also for hire.

The CETEC team is also providing laboratory risk management expertise to those who rent the laboratory space to ensure safety for all EIBC users and OHS compliance.