Green Cities in Tweets

Wednesday 27 March, 2013

Green Cities, the annual conference for the Green Building Council of Australia has come and gone for another year, with many describing it as another successful event.

As a member of the GBCA, CETEC has always taken a particular interest in the conference and has presented on a number of occasions. This year, CETEC’s Marketing and Relationship Manager, Jack Noonan attended the event at Sydney’s Convention centre and tweeted throughout the conference regarding important points raised by speakers and the innovative thinking that took place. 

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@NoonanJack: About to board flight up to Sydney. Can't wait for @GreenCitiesConf this year!

@NoonanJack: @myblueeconomy - Stop cutting costs and thinking cheap. What are the values. What are the multiple values @GreenCitiesConf #greencities2013

@NoonanJack: @myblueeconomy - Whenever we don't know what to do with something, we burn it. Have we gone mad!? @GreenCitiesConf #greencities2013

@jezmanz: #GC_2013 Gunter Pauli: Paper from stone, eliminating tailings & construction waste. Nice1

@NoonanJack: Pauli - Stealing less is still stealing. Stop doing less bad. Start doing more good. #GC_2013 #greencities2013 @GreenCitiesConf

@NoonanJack: Priority of Swedish school -Kids=healthy.Not energy.12 yrs ago. Lowest absenteeism. Every thirty mins air is fresh. Scores top 10% #GC_2013

@jochapa: #GC_2013 Laggarberg School. Kids must be healthy as first goal. Couldn't agree more.

@NoonanJack: Green star certifications up by 43% in last 12 months according to Orjan Lundberg from @gbcaus #GC_2013 #greencities2013 @GreenCitiesConf

@NoonanJack: @gbcaus brown uniforms apparently less flammable this year #mcgags #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: @GreenCitiesConf @ericknight - We have failed to communicate a green climate change message in the last five years #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: #GC_2013 Message needs to be simple and customer centric says @ericknight @GreenCitiesConf

@NoonanJack: Need to separate carbon and climate change when talking about the issue says @ericknight #GC_2013 #losinghalfofaustralia

@NoonanJack: @ericknight says We confuse consumption and the carbon intensity of consumption #GC_2013 @GreenCitiesConf

@NoonanJack: Technology without empowerment is an empty city @ericknight @GreenCitiesConf @adambeck_gbca #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: RT @gbcaus chair @DanielGrollo and @propertycouncil CEO @pjverwer enter the CEO Circle next @ #GC_2013 with @FifthEstateAU’s Tina Perrinotto

@NoonanJack: Gr8 pain point that customers & voters have with climate change is power.They don't have the power to change.It's about empowerment #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: Sustainability has moved away from political conversation which is sad says dan labbad from @LendLeaseGroup @GreenCitiesConf #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: @DanielGrollo from Grocon - environmental world challenge is greatest opportunity to businesses #GC_2013 @GreenCitiesConf

@NoonanJack: What are the productivity benefits of 1 Shelley several yrs on? Has the 15% improvement decreased over time? #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: Dan labbad from @LendLeaseGroup mentioned that sustainability was a proxy for innovation which drove a lot of change #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: @DanielGrollo "sustainability is much more than energy, inc people, quality of air, toxic materials". Leadership. #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: RT @DavidJarratt: #gc_2013 by doing less bad doesn't mean that we've solved the problem re: green commercial office building sector......

@NoonanJack: @greencrossaus - Deliberative democracy. Empowering community #whatspoliticsgottodowithit #GC_2013 @GreenCitiesConf

@NoonanJack: Importance of foresight for resilience says #MaraBun #GC_2013

@GreenCitiesConf: The #GC_2013 #debate begins with @MyBlueEconomy @pjverwer @jconnoroz @bennypeacock @blairpalese Q: is #sustainability a 4 letter word?

@NoonanJack: Has the word changed its meaning and has the work meant that we are no longer working to a sustainable world ? Asks @sammostyn #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: @pjverwer discusses Green modernism. Multi value outcomes. Pro growth. #shiftingthethinking #GC_2013 @GreenCitiesConf

@NoonanJack: RT @GreenCitiesConf GC_2013 sustainability should be defined as an optimism about human nature rather than ideology or bureaucracy @pjverver

@NoonanJack: @jconnoroz - Need to lift super portfolios relating to sustainable investments and initiatives #GC_2013 @GreenCitiesConf

@jezmanz: RT“@NoonanJack: Importance of foresight for resilience says #MaraBun #GC_2013” More …–-from-hindsight-to-foresight.aspx

@shaunacoffey: @sammostyn asks "did we do the wrong thing creating sustainability teams and departments?" #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: Sometimes we need to stand up. Only way to drive change. Be the Robin Hood - Pauli #brilliant #GC_2013 @GreenCitiesConf

@NoonanJack: @pjverwer - give planning to Pixar! Or that company that made happy feet. #toinfinityandbeyond! #GC_2013 @GreenCitiesConf

@NoonanJack: I just asked for a pot of Stella and was told they only had Stella on tap lol #whatdotheycallapotuphere? #firstworldproblemsinsydney

@GreenCitiesConf: #GC_2013 need to stop thinking only in terms of upfront capital costs - #GreenBuildings the gift that keeps on giving #productivity

@jochapa: #GC_2013 how's productivity proven in green space? It's about comparison. Bad spaces make us not want to work. Green bldg unlocks potential.

@NoonanJack: @jochapa and hence the need for more pre and post occupancy studies! A POE is limited if you don't compare it to anything.

@NoonanJack: Mark roehrs from @HASSELL_Studio talking about UQ. Mentioned Sim van dee ryn - our green buildings are only the starting blocks #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: Mark roehrs @HASSELL_Studio - 1st use of geo polymer concrete in a building in Australia #GC_2013 #fiftyshadesofgreen

@NoonanJack: Mark roehrs from @HASSELL_Studio - Social place of buildings is the future #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: James redwood from Hansen Yuncken We need to know more about IT industry to assist integration with construction industry. #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: James Redwood - Complex systems in green buildings. Very few people can rectify issues if something goes wrong. Are FMs ready? #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: @sdwild discusses green ratings - what's the point? #GC_2013 #fiftyshadesofgreen

@NoonanJack: @sdwild - Survey respondents thought there would be a step change around sustainability like the 2000s #GC_2013 #fiftyshadesofgreen

@CETECPtyLtd: New @WorldGBC building case for #greenbuilding report. #Workplace #productivity statement matches our observations

@WSP_AsiaPacific: #gc_2013 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR US FOR THE BEST STAND AWARD!!We are all so excited!! @GreenCitiesConf

@biinT: Think I'm the only one in the 'cracking the #energy code' on the twitterz...all the rest of you lot are in #digitaldisruption! #gc_2013

@NoonanJack: @biinT or #communityengagement ! #GC_2013

@biinT: @NoonanJack tada! #represent #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: Ed Brown from @AECOM - Trying to empower the investment manager to take responsibility for sustainability, not just push it on ESD #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: Mans carlsson sweeny from AMP - Tenant satisfaction is a key factor that I look for #GC_2013

@NoonanJack: IEQ and tenant satisfaction on the agenda! #GC_2013 #investmentperspectives

@NoonanJack: Thanks @gbcaus for a great @GreenCitiesConf this year. Feeling very inspired and excited about the year ahead! #GC_2013