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Highlights of Healthy Buildings 2015

Thursday 6 August, 2015

Dr Vyt Garnys recently attended and presented at the twin Healthy Buildings 2015 conferences held in Europe and America in May and July respectively.  At Healthy Buildings Europe (@HB2015Europe) the conference theme was centred around (re)creating healthy buildings in a multi-disciplinary design and operational setting.  This is represented in the infographic below.  There was a major focus on IEQ with an emphasis on microbial assessments

Re-creating-370The theme of the Healthy Buildings 2015 America conference, attended by both Tim Callinan and Vyt Garnys was Innovation in a time of energy uncertainty and climate adaption.

The emphasis of the conference was on the microbiology of the built environment and in particular the indoor microbiome, climate change, energy and environmental quality, sensing, IAQ in schools and hospitals, moisture and mold investigations.

The CETEC team facilitated a successful workshop at both conferences seeking worldwide agreement for Productivity Measures for Indoor Environment Quality.  Associate Professor, Pawel Wargocki was co-moderator for this workshop at HB2015 Europe.

The workshop highlight was the video and written contributions by leading international experts and the use of international definitions of productivity, integrated with IEQ and occupant response studies.  If you wish to know more about the workshop please contact Dr Vyt Garnys.


A case study submitted by Tim Callinan, Jack Noonan and Dr Vyt Garnys on Indoor Environment Quality and NABERS IE ratings was also presented by Tim Callinan in Colorado.  To learn more about HB2015 America we recommend Shelly Miller's storify of this conference.  

At both opening ceremonies, Dr Vyt Garnys was asked to 'pass the baton' (with a Koala) from the previous Healthy Buildings conference, held in Brisbane in 2012.

Poster HB2015 presentation on IEQ-505