Jack Noonan and Adam Garnys of CETEC recently attended the exclusive HR Summit 2012.

Wednesday 14 March, 2012

The keynote speaker for the event was the Honorable Paul Keating, who amongst other things, spoke about worker productivity and the implications on gross domestic product (GDP). This was highly pertinent to the discussions CETEC were having with HR directors at the Summit. Specifically, CETEC discussed how work environment productivity assessments (WEPAs) not only affected employee productivity, but also employee engagement, which is a critical driver for HR professionals. CETEC discussed the methodology and implications of WEPAs with Thiess John Holland, Treasury, The Office of State Revenue, The NSW Department of Health, AON, and IAG.

One of CETEC’s clients, ISIS, also provided a case study of how a high performing indoor environment led to a high performing, healthy, and engaged workforce.