Hughesy's dirty laptop

What’s Really on Hughesy’s Laptop?

Thursday 30 May, 2019

Disgusted by the state of Hughesy’s laptop, The Hughesy & Kate radio show (on the Austereo Network, including FOX, 2DayFM and Hit105 Brisbane) decided it was time to do some scientific testing to find out just how atrocious it really was.

Dave's laptop was so dirty that the IT Tech's didn't want to do any work on it, so they asked if we could come in and do some testing.

CETEC’s Senior Microbiologist, Travis Hale, visited the studio and swabbed for E.Coli, Faecal Coliforms, Bacteria, Yeast and Mould. Listen here for when the news is first broken to Dave.  

Once the results were back from the lab, Travis returned to report to the crew in a live reveal just what was on Hughesy’s laptop.

The screen on Hughesy’s laptop produced a result of 60 Colony Forming Units of mould and the keyboard had a result of 100 Colony Forming units of mould, essentially 10 times as dirty as a typical desk in the station’s office.

Luckily we didn’t find any E.Coli, so it is official that Hughesy does wash his hands!

The indoor environment can have a negative impact on occupant health in terms of cold and flu transmission. CETEC regularly conducts these assessments within offices and their airconditioning systems to better understand the indoor environment risk. 

To learn more please contact us. You may also get to talk to Travis!  

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Travis swabbing
Travis swabbing Hughesy's laptop.