Indoor Air 2014 - Hong Kong

Wednesday 6 August, 2014

Jack Noonan and Dr Vyt Garnys have recently returned from attending the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) conference, Indoor Air 2014,  held in Hong Kong.  The conference is held every three years and is the leading conference for researchers in the indoor air and climate space.

Key Indoor Environment Messages

Microbials have a significant impact on our indoor environment. Much research is currently taking place to better understand the indoor microbiome. Qualitative and quantitative approaches are being undertaken with strong focuses on qPCR techniques and studying the onset of asthmatic symptoms. Research is only now being presented relating to longitudinal studies.

Although we have seen significant progress through research and industry of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over the last couple of decades, we are learning more about the prevalence of semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) within our built environment. The French are undertaking significant work within this space.  

There was much discussion given to the impact of a changing climate on our indoor environment and indoor air quality (IEQ and IAQ). The discussion focused on:

  • Particulate matter
  • Increasing levels of greenhouse gases
  • IEQ impacts of building retrofits

There were a number of case studies presented exploring the relationships between thermal comfort, ventilation, performance and productivity and what impact this has on our economy.  The strong research in this area is coming from in Japan, Holland, and Denmark.

A multi-disciplined approach is critical to our understanding of the impacts of our built environment, including thermal comfort and indoor air quality. We need more collaboration between scientists, engineers, sociologists, practitioners and governments.

Australia needs to become more active in this space! Although Australia is well represented within the ISIAQ community (number five overall), Australia has never been in the top 10 countries in terms of research papers presented.  CETEC presented a paper related to NABERS Indoor Environment and trends relating to the thermal comfort, indoor air quality at the conference.

Contact Jack Noonan if you would like to learn more about the key learnings from IA2014. 

Slide shown at Indoor Air