ISPT - Leaders in NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) certification

Thursday 13 November, 2014

In 2012, CETEC was engaged by ISPT to conduct annual Indoor Environment Quality testing of more than 40 properties across the commercial office building and retails portfolios.

For the commercial office buildings, the Indoor Environment Quality assessments were conducted according to NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) certification (Base Building) to ensure that IEQ risks were being managed appropriately by the various property managers.

ISPT is a property owner who is extremely mindful of both energy efficiency and indoor environment quality within their property portfolio. The assessment parameters included indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and acoustic comfort.

By the end of 2014, CETEC was close to commencing their third year conducting these assessments. In that time, some highlights included:

  • 500 Bourke Street being awarded the 100th certification under the NABERS Indoor Environment tool (and a 5 Star NABERS IE Base Building Rating)
  • By end of Year Two (2013/2014) the ISPT commercial portfolio average improved by 0.5 stars to 4.5 stars
  • ISPT continues to have the highest number of certified sites nationally with the most number of 5 star rated properties (10 in total)
  • CETEC continues to be responsible for the highest number of assessments nationally using the NABERS IE tool
  • The project has facilitated a greater awareness of the NABERS Indoor Environment tool across the property and construction industry
  • Both CETEC and ISPT are working to improve the NABERS IE tool by participation of the NABERS IE Technical Working Group


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