Legionella Control

Legionella Control Conference

Thursday 19 November, 2015

Last Saturday, on 14th November, The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane organised and hosted Legionella Control – Everybody’s business”, a conference promoting and educating practitioners in Best Practice in Hospital Water Safety. 

There were more than 100 healthcare stakeholders in attendance, ranging from hospital microbiologists, infection control specialists, plus healthcare engineers and facility managers.  

CETEC's Dr Vyt Garnys and Travis Hale were invited to present at the conference. The CETEC team presented on the topic of What’s to come – progress to guidelines & methods, with Dr Vyt Garnys, also participating on the discussion panel held at the conference dinner.

This invitation arose from CETEC's involvement in both the development of the 2013 released Queensland Guidelines, Managing Microbial Water Quality in Health Facilities plus the soon to be released National Legionella Guidelines for the Prevention of Legionellosis in Health and Aged Care Facilities.  In addition to this, the CETEC team has enhanced expertise in this area due to their involvement in the resolution of water quality issues at a number of healthcare facilities and in the development of Water Quality Risk Management Plans for our clients. 

The highlights of the conference included:

  • A comparison of the lower acceptable Legionella limit in Europe
  • Disinfection alternatives
  • Studying epidemiology through genome sequencing
  • Advanced molecular techniques of detection
  • How The Wesley Hospital recovered from an infection episode
  • Engineering controls  - including removal of dead legs
  • Ice machines and other reservoirs of infection
  • The need for a team approach

The conference was a fantastic initiative taken by The Wesley Hospital to share their expertise with both the Queensland and broader healthcare community - both public and private - leading to a greater proactive approach to Legionella control. 

To learn more or discuss your water quality risk management requirements we invite you to contact the team at CETEC.

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