New National Guidelines for Legionella Control

Thursday 18 June, 2015

*** UPDATE JANUARY 2016  ***

The guidelines have now been released.


Managing and controlling Legionella risk in health and aged care facilities has become increasingly important in recent years due initially to the widely publicised outbreak at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane in 2013 and since then the increased reporting of Legionella detections.

In 2013, CETEC was appointed by the Queensland Government to a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) charged with developing the Guidelines for Managing Microbial Water Quality in Health Facilities.  In 2014, CETEC was engaged by the National Environmental Health Standing Committee (enHealth) to provide technical content for these new National Legionella guidelines for the prevention of Legionellosis in health and aged care facilities.

These guidelines, now called, "Guidelines for Legionella Control in the operation and maintenance of potable water distribution systems in health and aged care facilities" are designed to assist state and territory health and aged care facilities manage, mitigate and respond to risks associated with Legionellosis in their respective facilities.  These guidelines provide promote a coordinated approach by providing information on Legionella control and exposure reduction as well as the creation of Water Quality Risk Management Plans (WQRMPs) to better understand and manage the specific risks faced by each individual facility.

CETEC has already managed and assisted in the development of a significant number of WQRMPs as well as responding to a number of Legionella infections in healthcare potable water systems. Our diverse team with scientific, microbiological, toxicological and engineering experience is well suited to identifying risks, both generic and specific to each facility, as well as responding to Legionella infection within potable water networks.

The draft guidelines are now available on the SA Health website for stakeholder feedback.  The feedback period closes Friday 31 July.  We also welcome your queries on either the guidelines or your individual Legionella control requirements.  In addition to assisting our range of clients in developing WQRMPs, we are also able to independently review your water quality risk managment plan.

*** UPDATE JANUARY 2016  ***

The guidelines have now been released.

Guidelines for Legionella Control

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