CETEC Consulting on Legionella at The Wesley Hospital

Thursday 4 July, 2013

CETEC would like to congratulate the team at The Wesley Hospital for reopening all their hospital services.  

CETEC is a part of the Independent Expert Panel that was formed after the outbreak.  

Our team of consultants conducted warm water system disinfections and advanced instant result onsite bacterial testing as part of our legionella risk management services.  

To learn the current status we invite you to scan the latest two media releases from The Wesley Hospital, as shown below or to visit the Queensland Health website.

Alternatively, you may wish to review our website for specific information about Legionella Risk Management.

To talk to us confidentially about your service needs please contact us on 07 3808 3948, 03 9544 9111 or 02 9966 9211 for Australia-wide service. 


CETEC consultants at The Wesley Hospital         


Media Release 020713 

Media Release 280613