Do you need a Licensed Asbestos Assessor?

Wednesday 22 April, 2015

Asbestos Assessments

From 1 July 2013 in NSW, an asbestos assessor licence was required for air monitoring, clearance inspections or the issuing of clearance certificates for class A asbestos removal works.  

CETEC has an experienced and Licensed Asbestos Assessor on staff (Andrew Bellamy - LAA 000111).  With the harmonised WHS legislation, this licence is also applicable in QLD/SA/TAS/NT.  There is no requirement for a licence to conduct such work in VIC or WA. You can call Andrew Bellamy on (02) 9966 9211.

An asbestos assessor’s license is required for the following:

  1. to carry out air monitoring during asbestos removal work
  2. to carry out clearance inspections of asbestos removal work
  3. to issue clearance certificates in relation to asbestos removal work
  4. to identify the location, type and condition of asbestos or ACM, including by taking samples
  5. to assess the risk resulting from the identified asbestos or ACM
  6. to advise on how the asbestos or ACM should be managed, and
  7. to report about the work mentioned in paragraphs (i) to (v)

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