Livable Buildings 2012 Awards

Thursday 1 November, 2012

The 2012 Livable Buildings Awards were recently held by the Center for the Built Environment at the University of Berkeley, California in the USA. Due to the outstanding scores awarded by the ISIS Canberra project during the pre and post occupancy IEQ assessment of their Canberra refurbishment, the ISIS and CETEC collaborative team was nominated for the award of Most Livable Building.  

Whilst not the overall winner, ISIS Canberra should be extremely proud of being a finalist; the first time that a building outside of North America has had the honour of being a finalist (5 years and approximately 600 assessed buildings). CETEC are proud to have been associated with this project and look forward to future projects with ISIS which deliver high performing indoor environments.

The winner of this year’s award was Clif Bar and Headquarters in Emeryville, California. More information about the winning project can be seen here.