CETEC Launches its London base of the International Indoor Environment Quality Team

Friday 20 January, 2017

During the 1980s-1990s, Australia listened to UK and Northern Hemisphere research on Indoor Air and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and quietly went about implementing their recommendations. NABERS (The National Australian Built Environment Rating Scheme) started with Energy ratings and introduced Indoor Environmental Quality ratings in 2008 as a world first. NABERS and GBCA (The Green Building Council of Australia) now have phase 2 rating systems for IEQ that are widely adopted in Australian buildings. More recently, the WELL Building Standard has taken the world by storm.

For the past 30 years, CETEC Pty Ltd has focussed on the measurement, rating and solutions technologies for improving the wellbeing and productivity of building occupants, initially for assessment and remediation of “Sick Buildings” and then adding NABERS, GBCA, LEED, BREEAM and WELL ratings for high performance buildings.

Catalysed by CETEC’s participation with the World Green Building Council’s (WGBC) Better Places for People initiative, the rapidly growing interest internationally in IEQ and projects in the UK and Europe, CETEC has decided to bring its international skills and experience to the UK.

CETEC Foray Ltd, our UK Company, is proud to announce the establishment of a highly skilled team in the UK, already servicing major clients. The unique structure of our world class team ensures the highest quality and effectiveness of services to deliver IEQ assessments, ratings and solutions to optimise the wellness, productivity and futureproofing of your business.

These services are provided within the specialities of Property; Environment; Work Health & Safety; and Product & Process.

We are extremely proud to introduce the senior team, with proven ability to provide advice and services anywhere in the world, at any scale.

Managing Director: Dr Vyt Garnys
Expert Panel:
Professor Derek Clements-Croome
  Dr Gary Raw
  Dr Derrick Crump
Dr Vyt Garnys
Professor Derek Clements-Croome
Dr Gary Raw
Dr Derrick Crump
Senior Consultants:
Mr Paul Ajiboye

Mr Adam Garnys

Mr Andrew Bellamy

Dr Paulo Da Silva

Dr Liliana Apateanu
Consultant & UK Co-ordinator: Ms Laura Wilkes

They are supported with a team of highly experienced graduates using the latest equipment and techniques and our ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory, Foray Laboratories Pty Ltd and a network of support laboratories and specialists.

For our total range of service and capabilities www.cetec.eu.com

For UK or EU Enquires, contact info@cetec.eu.com

For all other enquires, contact info@cetec.com.au

CETEC Foray Ltd, 2B25 Technopark, 90 London Rd, London, SE1 6LN, T: 207 867 6778