Masterclass: Productivity from Indoor Environment Performance - 12th July, Brisbane

Wednesday 4 July, 2012

Why bother with IEQ studies or design?

80% of office based organizational costs are labour based

There have been great strides in understanding and measuring worker productivity relationships with indoor environment quality and occupant satisfaction measurements.

This masterclass by international experts will explore the progress in linking occupant satisfaction, indoor environment quality, productivity and measurement protocols.


Professor Pawel Wargocki, International Climate Centre, Denmark
An international perspective relating to the effects of IEQ (mainly air temperature and air quality) on performance, including a deeper insight into the evidence and the methodology used to measure the effects on performance.         

Dr Christian Scherer, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany
An update as to what the Fraunhofer has been doing in relation to IEQ and productivity, with a particular emphasis on IAQ, acoustic properties, humidity, thermal conditions and human performance.

Dr Vyt Garnys, CETEC Pty Ltd, Australia
An evidence based IEQ and Productivity presentation, outlining the emergence of Australia in this area of research, with what is likely to be the highest number of commercial projects in terms of IEQ and productivity assessments. 

Following all presentations, a panel and open discussion including questions relating to four main points in the productivity and IEQ space, namely:

  • Evidence
  • Methods
  • Implementation and Uptake
  • What’s next, the future


Thursday 12 July 2012, 2:30 – 4:30


Brisbane Convention Centre, Room P11


Free, Sponsored by CETEC

or Stand No 2 at HB2012