NABERS IE Pilot Tool

Monday 4 May, 2015

This revised and enhanced tool was recently released following consultation

The NABERS IE tool has been released as a pilot tool.  NABERS is providing free sessions for anyone with an interest in the new tool in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. These sessions provide an opportunity to learn more about the changes to the tool, and how to participate in the pilot phase offerings.  

Whilst the consultation process for the NABERS Indoor Environment enhancements has concluded, but you can still provide feedback, whilst the tool remain in the pilot phase.  To learn more about the enhanced tool's development and the consultation process so far, (including how to provide feedback to NABERS) we direct you to the NABERS website.

CETEC's Dr Vyt Garnys and Adam Garnys are on the panel of 20 experts for the NABERS Indoor Environment Technical Working Group, formed in early 2013, charged with improving the tool.


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