NABERS Indoor Environment

Monday 20 May, 2013

NABERS indoor environment protocol

CETEC is priviledged to have been selected onto the panel of 20 experts for the NABERS Indoor Environment Technical Working Group. Dr Vyt Garnys and Adam Garnys will be sharing this role.

The panel members were chosen on the basis of their technical background, relevant industry experience, knowledge of indoor environmental quality, and their knowledge of the NABERS program and the built environment sector more broadly.  CETEC provided IEQ expertise in the development of the NABERS IE Tool to the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change in 2006.  CETEC also conducted the initial trials of the tool in 2008.

Both Adam and Vyt look forward to working with this highly experienced group to improve the existing tool and with the specific objectives of streamlining the assessment process, aligning the rating with updated industry standards, and ensuring the factors measured are directly controllable by building management or tenants respectively.  The TWG met for the first time in February this year and will be meeting again in the coming week.

To vist the NABERS website and learn more about NABERS Indoor Environment and Technical Working Group.

To learn more about CETEC's Indoor Environment Quality experience and services.

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