NABERS IE rated Paharpur Business Centre receives International Recognition

Thursday 8 October, 2015

Back in May 2015, the Paharpur Business Centre (PBC) in New Delhi was the first building to be awarded with a NABERS Indoor Environment Rating outside of Australia. CETEC was the consultancy who undertook the physical measurements and managed the lodgement of the rating with NABERS following several trade mission visits to India with the Victoria Government.

The NABERS IE rating was a Whole Building Rating, which means that an occupant satisfaction survey was required as part of the lodgement. This occupant satisfaction survey was implemented by CETEC through the Centre for the Built Environment at University of California, Berkeley. The survey, which has been implemented across more than 650 buildings worldwide, looks at the key components of indoor environment quality (IEQ), including General Satisfaction, Air Quality, Acoustics, Lighting, and Thermal Comfort.

Award Finalist in the 2015 Livable Buildings Awards

Each year, the buildings with the best results are recognised by the Centre for the Built Environment  through their Liveable Buildings Awards, which aims to recognise projects that meet “…the highest standards for providing healthy and productive indoor environments, and represents best practices for sustainability and overall design”.

This year, the PBC was the sole finalist in this award. The CBE commented that “(The PBC’s) exceptional occupant feedback scores places them among the best in the CBE dataset of buildings”.  

General building satisfaction amongst occupants was 96%, while other high scores were achieved for air quality (90%), lighting (98%), and thermal comfort (87%). Importantly, 92% of occupants at the PBC believed that the building’s indoor environment enhanced their ability to do their job.  

The overall winner of the 2015 Liveable Buildings Awards was the University of California Davis Student Community Center. In 2012, ISIS' Canberra fitout was also a finalist for the same awards. 

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Kamal Meattle and Dr Vyt Garnys