Guidelines for Managing Microbial Water Quality in Health Facilities

Monday 11 November, 2013

In October 2013 the Queensland government released the Preliminary Guidelines for Managing Microbial Water Quality in Health Facilities.  These guidelines were then fully released in November 2013.

CETEC was appointed to the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) by the Queensland Government in June 2013 and along with the other members including Queensland Health and AECOM, the CETEC team have been working on the development of these guidelines over the last four months.

To access the current guidelines or learn more about the review of the prevention and control of Legionella pneumophila infection in Queensland we refer you to the following legionnaires webpage.

Alternatively, you may wish to review our website for specific information:

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Please note the Guidelines for Managing Microbial Water Quality in Healthcare Facilities were rescinded in 2017.  National Guidelines are now in place.