Productivity and the Built Environment

Thursday 18 August, 2016

The service industries are contributing an ever increasing ratio towards our national GDP. These service industries are driven by people and therefore improving labour productivity has become one of the most important drivers for our economic growth.

Typically 90% of an organisation's annual operating cost is spent on employee salaries and other direct benefits.  The figure below demonstrates the relative impact of focusing on labour productivity as opposed to energy or other building costs.

Business operating costs

Recognising the importance of the relationship between productivity and the built environment, the Property Council of Australia, along with CETEC in 2015 developed a position paper Productivity and the Built Environment”. This paper works upon the information obtained through over ten years of Productivity Assessments by CETEC in addition to national and international research.

The Property Council of Australia's position paper

This position paper recognises the significant impact of the built environment on labour productivity and some of the drivers of Indoor Environmental Quality related productivity improvements e.g. air quality, thermal comfort, and acoustic comfort.

One of the most useful stepping stones to improve your businesses Indoor Environment Quality to increase workplace productivity and occupant wellbeing is to use an established and refined benchmark rating tool. One of the most popular rating tools is the NABERS IE protocol, which CETEC strongly endorses.

Contact the team to discuss your upcoming project requirements or learn more about Productivity Assessments. 

CETEC strongly endorses the NABERS rating system as a stepping stone for you to improve your workplace productivity and occupant wellbeing.

Adam Garnys, Dr Paulo Da Silvao and Dr Vyt Garnys are NABERS Accredited Assessors with a combined experience of conducting over 100 indoor environment ratings. 

Some of CETEC’s recent projects involving Indoor Environmental Quality assessments using NABERS IE include:

  • ISPT
  • Dexus
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • JLL Europe
  • AMP Capitial
  • Frasers Property
  • Shape group

Our team also covers the other NABERS tools - Energy, Waste and Water.

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