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IAQ in Open Plan Offices

Thursday 27 March 2014
The risk of airborne microbials, exacerbated by poor ventilation and open plan office design, should be considered coming into the cold and flu season.

Perceived IAQ and Work Performance

Monday 24 March 2014
This article, Perceived Indoor Air Quality and Work Performance was written jointly by CETEC Managing Director, Dr Vyt Garnys and Jahangir Yar Khan, Joint President of Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd was published in the February edition of Indian Green Building Council Newsletter - Mumbai chapter.

Particulates Reduce Productivity - US Study

Wednesday 19 March 2014
With the recent Morwell coal open cut mine fire leading to high particulate levels, there has been a focus on the health and wellbeing impact of air particles. This recent US study reveals a strong connection between particulate and productivity.

Tony Gillett joins the CETEC team

Monday 13 January 2014
CETEC is delighted to announce that Tony Gillett has joined our growing team as a Senior Consultant. Tony joins the team from Lend Lease where he was a Senior Design Manager. He had been with Baulderstone (now Lend Lease) for eight years having previously been with Brookfield Multiplex and Walters. A qualified architect, Tony brings significant experience to the group, particularly for CETEC’s Design Risk, Project Management, and Materials Selection/Failure service areas.

Mycometer® at Sydney AIOH conference

Wednesday 20 November 2013
The CETEC & Mycometer team will be exhibiting at this year’s Annual Conference and Exhibition of the AIOH. The conference will be at the Hilton Sydney Hotel from Saturday 30 November to Wednesday 4 December. The team will be located in Booth 53. Come to see and learn how the Mycometer & Bactiquant technology can assist you in determining your microbial indoor environmental quality risk, in less than an hour.

Guidelines for Managing Microbial Water Quality in Health Facilities

Monday 11 November 2013
In October the Queensland government released the Preliminary Guidelines for Managing Microbial Water Quality in Health Facilities. CETEC was appointed to the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) for Queensland Health in June 2013 and along with the other members, the CETEC team have been working on these guidelines. The current guidelines were released in November 2013.

Asbestos in Your Home?

Thursday 7 November 2013
November is National Asbestos Awareness month. This article has links to useful information for everybody including a video from Better Homes and Gardens on what you need to know about Asbestos in your home and a 2012 government published guide: Asbestos: A guide for householders and the general public.

Innovation in Healthcare Facilities & Productive Buildings Seminar

Monday 30 September 2013
Invitation to CETEC's Brisbane Seminar event being held on October 10 at Level 9 Rooftop - Wesley House, 140 Ann Street Brisbane. There are two seminars being held, firstly: Innovation in Healthcare Facilities and then Productive Buildings.

CETEC is Australia’s exclusive Mycometer® Distributor

Tuesday 16 July 2013
Following discussion with international researchers in Europe and the US, CETEC would like to introduce the Mycometer® Technology to the Australian market, and will be the exclusive distributor of this rapid microbiological test system within Australia.

VOCs and the Facility Manager

Tuesday 9 July 2013
This article, written by Jack Noonan and Dr Vyt Garnys of CETEC was published in Facility Perspectives in June. The emergence of green buildings and the emphasis on occupant health and wellbeing are two of the main reasons that many in the property and construction industry know what volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are, and why their importance is no longer ignored. The facilities manager has an important role in establishing the source of poor indoor air quality issues, particularly those resulting from high VOCs in the indoor environment.

CETEC Consulting on Legionella at The Wesley Hospital

Thursday 4 July 2013
CETEC would like to congratulate the team at The Wesley Hospital for reopening all their hospital services. CETEC is an external Legionella consultant for The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane and have also recently been appointed as a member of Queensland Health’s Water System Expert Panel.

Clean Green Costs No More than Dirty Brown

Wednesday 3 July 2013
This article was published The Fifth Estate - 2 July, 2013. A sustainable green community building, The Batesford Community Hub, has proven it is possible to build green as cheaply as regular buildings, City of Monash urban design and architecture manager Charles Nilsen told the recent Making Cities Liveable Conference. Mr Nilsen, along with CETEC marketing and relationship manager Jack Noonan, was speaking on the topic of “a case for healthy, green and affordable community buildings”.

IEQ and Occupant Perception & Control

Tuesday 25 June 2013
CETEC recommends this US article published online by GreenSource. It discusses new HVAC or BMS technology that lets occupants work with building systems rather than against them, to improve their comfort while reducing energy costs.

Hospital Legionella Risk - Water Delivery Systems and Cooling Towers

Thursday 20 June 2013
CETEC are recognised as leaders in conducting investigations into Legionella outbreaks and assisting property owners and building managers with expert advice to assist in overall crises and long term risk management of cooling tower or potable water delivery system.

NABERS Indoor Environment

Monday 20 May 2013
CETEC is priviledged to have been invited to be on the panel of 20 experts for the NABERS Indoor Environment Technical Working Group. We look forward to improving the existing tool to meet the needs of all stakeholders.
Total 91 articles in this section.
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