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CETEC Consulting on Legionella at The Wesley Hospital

Thursday 4 July 2013
CETEC would like to congratulate the team at The Wesley Hospital for reopening all their hospital services. CETEC is an external Legionella consultant for The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane and have also recently been appointed as a member of Queensland Health’s Water System Expert Panel.

Clean Green Costs No More than Dirty Brown

Wednesday 3 July 2013
This article was published The Fifth Estate - 2 July, 2013. A sustainable green community building, The Batesford Community Hub, has proven it is possible to build green as cheaply as regular buildings, City of Monash urban design and architecture manager Charles Nilsen told the recent Making Cities Liveable Conference. Mr Nilsen, along with CETEC marketing and relationship manager Jack Noonan, was speaking on the topic of “a case for healthy, green and affordable community buildings”.

IEQ and Occupant Perception & Control

Tuesday 25 June 2013
CETEC recommends this US article published online by GreenSource. It discusses new HVAC or BMS technology that lets occupants work with building systems rather than against them, to improve their comfort while reducing energy costs.

Hospital Legionella Risk - Water Delivery Systems and Cooling Towers

Thursday 20 June 2013
CETEC are recognised as leaders in conducting investigations into Legionella outbreaks and assisting property owners and building managers with expert advice to assist in overall crises and long term risk management of cooling tower or potable water delivery system.

NABERS Indoor Environment

Monday 20 May 2013
CETEC is priviledged to have been invited to be on the panel of 20 experts for the NABERS Indoor Environment Technical Working Group. We look forward to improving the existing tool to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

CETEC at Ideaction 13

Wednesday 8 May 2013
Jack Noonan will be presenting at Ideaction (26-29 May) on the topic of Energy and IEQ Cost Savings Arising from Office Building Sustainability Upgrades. Ideaction 13, the annual conference of FMA (Facility Managment Association of Australia) will this year be held in Hobart.

NSW Asbestos Plan

Friday 12 April 2013
In early April a plan to secure the safe management of asbestos in NSW was released - this plan is called The NSW State-wide Asbestos Plan

Asbestos & Storm Damage

Wednesday 27 March 2013
With the recent tornado in North East Victoria, mini tornadoes in Sydney and extensive storms and flooding in NSW and QLD, the team at CETEC can help with risk assessment and remediation of hazardous materials on your site, including identification of asbestos.

Green Cities in Tweets

Wednesday 27 March 2013
Green Cities in Tweets from the perspective of CETEC’s Marketing and Relationship Manager, Jack Noonan aka @NoonanJack

Cleantech Trade Mission Update

Thursday 21 March 2013
Update from Dr Vyt Garnys on the Cleantech Victorian Super Trade Mission to India, and new monitoring technology offered by CETEC to India.

Healthy Buildings, Healthy People

Thursday 28 February 2013
This article written by Mark Thomson, Principal of Schiavello gives a perspective on the outcomes of Healthy Building 2012 Conference and the importance of Healthy Building to the building occupants

ISIS completes refurbishment of Beleura Private Hospital

Monday 18 February 2013
CETEC is proud to have worked with ISIS on the refurbishment of Beleura Private Hospital for Ramsay Healthcare.

Do you have a moisture damaged building?

Wednesday 6 February 2013
The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH), America's Peak Occupational Health and Safety Body (operating as part of the CDC) recently released an alert on Preventing Occupational Respiratory Disease from Exposures Caused by Dampness in Office Buildings, Schools, and Other Nonindustrial Buildings.

Workplaces of the Future Summit Wrap Up

Monday 4 February 2013
This is a review of the Workplaces of the Future Summit, a GBCA event held in Melbourne on 30th January as written by Jack Noonan. This review was also published in the Fifth Estate.

Don't Forget the Tenants

Tuesday 18 December 2012
In this article published in Retrofit Australia (Vol 1, No. 2 2012), Jack Noonan of CETEC highlights that tenants need to be considered as indispensable players in the retrofit/refurbishment movement, because they arguably have the most to lose and the most to gain from environmental upgrade agreements.
Total 97 articles in this section.
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