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M5 Tunnel Update

Monday 29 October 2012
CETEC conducted air quality testing in the M5 east tunnel in August. We welcome the new warning signs installed at the tunnel entrance - Close your windows. Turn your air conditioning to recycle!

The Paint That Would Not Dry

Monday 15 October 2012
We recently received some very positive feedback from legal firm Cornwall Stodart regarding the expert witness testimony given by Dr Vyt Garnys of CETEC in a legal case.

Dr Vyt Garnys - Speaking at 2012 Green Building Congress, Hyderabad

Wednesday 10 October 2012
Our Managing Director, Dr Vyt Garnys, will be embarking on the Victorian Trade Mission to India at the end of October. In addition to the trade mission, Dr. Garnys has been invited by the Chairman of the Indian Green Building Council, Dr Prem Jain to speak at the 2012 Green Building Congress in Hyderabad.

Batesford Community Hub: A Case Study of a Healthy, Green, and Affordable Community Building

Monday 8 October 2012
Located in the heart of City of Monash at Batesford Road Chadstone, Batesford Community Hub explodes the myth that the construction of healthy and green community buildings cost more.

Outcomes from Asbestos Summit 2

Thursday 13 September 2012
Andrew Bellamy, Senior Consultant at CETEC, recently attended "National Asbestos Summit 2” held by the ACTU and the Cancer Council to discuss the findings of the Asbestos Management Review commissioned by the federal government in 2010. Read this news item to learn more about the key recommendation of this review

Explosion in school science laboratory: Does your lab design mitigate the risk?

Thursday 30 August 2012
On Tuesday 28th August, eleven high school students and their teacher were injured when sodium hydroxide exploded at a school science laboratory in Sydney. Read more about what happened and what you need to do to reduce your laboratory design risks.

CETEC on Seven News

Wednesday 29 August 2012
CETEC recently conducted air quality testing in the M5 tunnel and this was reported earlier this week on Seven news.

The link between IEQ and Productivity

Monday 30 July 2012
The link between IEQ and productivity has been hotly debated in recent times. However, with the emergence of a number of case studies, including a significant amount conducted by CETEC (work environment productivity assessments), the property and construction industry is beginning to redirect focus to the indoor environment.

Highlights from Healthy Buildings 2012

Friday 27 July 2012
There were a number of key findings on indoor air contaminants revealed at Healthy Buildings. These involved Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Nitrous Oxides, Ultra fine particles, Nano-materials, Semi-VOCs, Secondary Organic Aerosols and Microbials.

Vyt Garnys and Jack Noonan featured on Trigen in The Fifth Estate

Thursday 26 July 2012
Following the successful presentation of some of the health implications of Trigeneration at Ideaction in Canberra, Healthy Buildings in Brisbane, and World FM Day in Melbourne, Dr Vyt Garnys and Jack Noonan were recently interviewed by The Fifth Estate regarding some solutions to this emerging issue facing the property and construction industry.

Verwer on Healthy Buildings 2012

Thursday 19 July 2012
The Healthy Buildings 2012 conference, held in Brisbane on 8-12 July, provoked some lively debate on the status of indoor environment quality within the green building sector. In one session Property Council chief executive Peter Verwer launched a scathing attack on all parties for not doing enough to push the IEQ envelope.

Masterclass: Productivity from Indoor Environment Performance - 12th July, Brisbane

Wednesday 4 July 2012
This free masterclass will include presentations by international experts and will explore the progress in linking Occupant Satisfaction, Indoor Environment Quality, Productivity and Measurement Protocols. Date and Time: 12 July, 2:30 - 4:30pm; Location: Brisbane Convention Centre.

Trigen Air Quality

Thursday 28 June 2012

Event on Cogeneration & Trigeneration - Friday 22 June

Friday 15 June 2012
Dr Vyt Garnys will be speaking on a panel next Friday 22nd June at the FMA VIC Branch lunch on World FM day on the topic of Cogeneration & Trigeneration - Our Challenges in the Melbourne CBD

Jack Noonan and Adam Garnys of CETEC recently attended the exclusive HR Summit 2012.

Wednesday 14 March 2012
Jack Noonan and Adam Garnys of CETEC recently attended the exclusive HR Summit 2012 on the Gold Coast. It was CETEC’s third year attending the event.
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