Issue 38, November 2012 - Special Edition - Brasil Update

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RiskEnews - 20th November, Issue No. 38

Special Edition - Brasil Update

CETEC participating in the Infrastructure, Sustainability and Event Mangement Trade Mission from Australia to Brasil

Dr Vyt Garnys, Managing Director of CETEC will be embarking on a Trade Mission to Brasil later this week.

In addition to the trade mission, Dr. Garnys is specifically interested in meeting with organisations and businesses involved with delivering High Performance Work, Accomodation and Sporting Facilities.  This includes but is not limited to: architectural companies, major banks, oil and insurance companies plus facility management businesses. 

Convite para se encontrar com o Dr. Garnys Vyt e aprender mais sobre IEQ e do Projeto Benchmarking Internacional  (Invitation to meet with Dr Vyt Garnys and learn more about IEQ and the International Benchmarking Project)

Dr Vyt Garnys of CETEC has visited Brasil twice in the last 20 months meeting with local authorities, the Rio 2016 organising committee and Green Building Council Brasil both learning about the local market as well as sharing his expertise on delivering benchmarked indoor environment quality services.

Dr Garnys is able to share his expertise on Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and how improving building IEQ can enhance occupant productivity and wellbeing.  It can also be used as a KPI to assess design performance.  The benefits of the international benchmarking project include independent accrediation of building performance which provides assurance to high value clients and market impact.  Dr Garnys can also share the lessons learnt from Australian and international benchmarking.

These discussions should assist in the design and management of internationally progressive and high performance buildings (including sporting facilities, office buildings, hospitals and laboratories) that deliver high health, satisfaction, and output from tenants and their workers.  Download CETEC company profile  CETEC specialises in technical risk management.

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park - one of several Sydney 2000 venues assessed and reviewed by CETEC in the lead up and post the 2000 Olympics for a range of technical risks

Dr Garnys is also able to provide an update on the key findings from the international conference Healthy Buildings 2012 held in July, where CETEC consultants presented a number of papers.


Email us to meet with Dr Vyt Garnys next week

  • In Rio - Monday 26 to Wednesday 28 November - limited spaces available to meet
  • In Sao Paulo - Thursday 29 November until Sunday December 2

Hospital and University Laboratory Design and Construction Projects

CETEC provides specialist laboratory design, dangerous goods risk management, support & risk evaluation for new or complex facilities from the design stage to certification and auditing.

Typical steps include:

  • Risk assessment and auditing of existing laboratory operation, modern experimental techniques, equipment and dangerous goods storage
  • Risk assessment for the design and construction of research laboratories, medical facilities in regards to dangerous goods and storage areas
  • Application and auditing of relevant laboratory designs standards

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CETEC's Hazard and Environmental Risk Management Services

CETEC provides services for major decontamination projects.  One of our key specialities is in Hazard and Environmental Risk Management for contaminated or complex sites – specifically for asbestos, chemicals, radioactive materials and other hazardous substances.  We offer either a full project management service or an independent audit of the project managment team to ensure compliance and reduce long term risk. 


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