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RiskEnews - 17 July 2013, Issue No. 41

CETEC Consulting on Legionella in HospitalsCETEC team at The Wesley Hospital

Since early June the CETEC team has been consulting at The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane. As Technical Consultants and member of their Independent Expert Panel, this has included legionella risk management services involving strategy and operational remediation plus training, communications and media assistance.

Our team of field consultants have conducted warm water system disinfections and advanced instant result onsite bacterial testing.

CETEC has also recently been appointed as a member of Queensland Health’s Water System Expert Panel.

We encourage you to read our recent news item or to learn about Warm Water System Legionella Risk Management which is particularly relevant for hospitals, aged care and other health facilities, plus hotels and sporting clubs.

CETEC is Australia's Exclusive Mycometer® Distributor

Mycometer® is a state of the art tool for the rapid assessment of microbial issues within the Indoor Environment, in Water Microbiology, and in Industrial Applications.

It provides significant benefit to users due to it providing rapid on-the-spot results, typically within 30 minutes to an hour; compared to that of conventional plate count methods which typically take 4 – 7 days.

The Mycometer® Technology consists of one instrument and the appropriate test kits which allows the user to measure the applicable Bacterial or Fungal Biomass on surfaces, in water (bacteria only), or in Air.

This unique, European and proven technology (US EPA verified) has been in use at The Wesley Hospital to assist in the microbial remediation. Learn more.

CETEC's new Brisbane Office

We have just opened a new Brisbane office at Unit 2B, 121 Newmarket Rd, Windsor QLD 4030. You can contact the Brisbane team via email. The Brisbane office telephone number will be on our website very soon!

VOCs and the Facility Manager

The emergence of green buildings and the emphasis on occupant health and wellbeing are two of the main reasons that many in the property and construction industry know what volatile organic
compounds (VOCs) are, and why their importance is no longer ignored.

This article, written by Jack Noonan and Dr Vyt Garnys of CETEC was published in Facility Perspectives in June.

Clean Green Costs no more than Dirty Brown

A sustainable green community building, The Batesford Community Hub, has proven it is possible to build green as cheaply as regular buildings, City of Monash urban design and architecture manager Charles Nilsen told the recent Making Cities Liveable Conference. Mr Nilsen, along with CETEC marketing and relationship manager Jack Noonan, was speaking on the topic of “a case for healthy, green and affordable community buildings”.

This article written by Donna Kelly was published on The Fifth Estate - 2 July. Read more

IEQ and Occupant Perception

CETEC recommends this US article (Power to the People) published online by GreenSource. It discusses new HVAC or BMS technology that lets occupants work with building systems rather than against them, to improve their comfort while reducing energy costs. As highlighted in the article "The idea that optimizing occupant comfort could boost energy performance is a paradigm shift for many building designers and operators" Read more


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