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Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS)

Investigation and Management

CETEC helps you to reduce risk and identify, assess and manage your acid sulphate soils. 

  • Acid Sulphate Soil (ASS) occurs predominantly at or below 5 metre AHD in subhumid areas of Australia in association with Holocene age estuarine sedimentary deposits containing pyrite.
  • Excavation of ASS results in oxidation of pyrite which generates concentrated sulphuric acid and mobilizes heavy metals. Sulphuric acid leachate causes severe impact to environmental systems and structures.
    Heavy metal leachate causes significant impact to environmental receptors and human health.
  • Management protocols focus on primary avoidance and in situ treatment methodologies.

Investigations and Management for technically challenging acid sulphate soil (AAS) projects across Australia. 

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