Asset Management for Public Health Services

Asset Management for Public Health Services

AMAF Compliance Status Tool Auditing for Victorian Public Hospitals and Health Services

What is the AMAF?

The Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF) replaces Victoria’s existing asset management framework. The AMAF assists Victorian Public Sector agencies including all Public Health Services to manage their asset portfolios.

The AMAF details mandatory asset management requirements including:

  • Developing Asset Management Strategies.
  • Governance Frameworks.
  • Performance Standards and Processes to regularly monitor and improve asset management.
  • Establishing systems for maintaining assets.
  • Processes for identifying and addressing performance failures.

The AMAF applies to the following asset sets.

  • Land and Buildings.
  • Infrastructure Assets.
  • Plant and Equipment.
  • Information and Communication Technology Assets.

AMAF Compliance Status Tool

The tool contains 77 in depth questions, almost half of them relate to Leadership and Accountability or Governance, next a section on Asset Management Strategy and the final three sections consist of lifecycle questions on Asset Acquisition, Asset Operation and Asset Disposal.

The compliance tool outcome as a percentage result is required to be published in all Victorian Government Health Services 2018 annual report.

CETEC can assist with any part of the compliance tool questionnaire to full completion and submission on your behalf, however the more you can provide for desk top auditing, the less will be required to investigate on site and we can assist with recommendations for both establishing and improving your present asset management capability.

Let CETEC take the worry out of completing your Health Facilities AMAF Compliance Status Tool. 

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