A Building Energy Efficiency Certificate

Building Energy Efficiency Certificates for CBD

Legislated under the Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010, CBD (Commercial Building Disclosure) is a national program which requires property owners or managers of office space greater than 2000m2 to disclose an up-to-date Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) if they wish to sell, lease or sublease that office space.

BEECs are valid for up to 12 months and must be publicly accessible on the online Building Energy Efficiency Register. They are comprised of:

  • A NABERS Energy rating for the building
  • An assessment of tenancy lighting or lighting assessment in the area of the building that is being sold or leased and general energy efficiency guidance

The NABERS Energy star rating must also be included in any advertisement for the sale, lease or sublease of the office space.

CETEC are highly qualified specialists in all four NABERS modules (Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment). We can complete one or more of the NABERS Ratings as well as provide you with a BEEC. CETEC has provided a number of BEECs since the implementation of CBD and has also provided consultation to the Property Council of Australia’s members in relation to the scheme. CETEC are also able to liaise with organisations that are exempt or excluded from the scheme and manage communications with the CBD office.

Energy use in the commercial building sector accounts for around 10% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions and this figure is rising. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate climate change.

Attaining a BEEC provides building owners and tenants with consistent and meaningful information about a building’s performance. It allows organisations to make more informed decisions and will hopefully drive the market towards more energy efficient office space.

For further information on obtaining a NABERS Rating and BEEC please contact our specialists on (02) 9966 9211 or (03) 9544 9111.


Dr Paulo Da Silva is an accredited CBD assessor