Sampling and testing of ACP cladding

Better Safeguard your Building in Faster Timeframes

Cladding Flammability, Sampling and Analysis

More than just cladding analysis CETEC provide risk interpretation data

At CETEC we don't just provide you with a laboratory analysis of the cladding material. We give risk categorisation and increased data on the cladding’s context and situational information which allows you to improve your risk assessment, your reports and better safeguard the building in question.

CETEC gives a complete picture so you can better assess the risk

Because CETEC take the sample we are able to provide a 10 point site observation checklist which gives you information regarding site conditions, the context of cladding and the materials around it so you can make a more informed risk assessment.

Insurance Council of Australia Approved

CETEC were the first commercial providers to be approved by the ICA to analyse and report on combustible cladding. As preferred suppliers to State Government you can feel confident in the reports.

CETEC's expert opinion on ACP on Channel 9's 60 minutes
'Covering the importance of building industry reform' aired on 60 minutes on Sunday August 9.  Catch the program including CETEC's expert opinion on ACP in Buyer Beware Part 2.

With an end to end chain of custody you can trust the results

Because CETEC take the sample, undertake the analysis and write the report you can be sure that the results are correct, accurate and reliable.

30 years' experience in product performance, testing and the built environment.

Highly qualified and experienced team of PhD chemists, material scientists and built environment consultants.

CETEC exercises discretion whilst on site.

Fastest Timeframes

CETEC takes as little as 2-5 business days from initiation to handing over your final report.

In an industry where the usual turnaround is 2 weeks onwards, CETEC’s operational flexibility and in-house laboratory enable us to shorten our reporting timeframes allowing you to meet your deadlines early.



Our Experience

CETEC has sampled and analysed more than 1,000 ACP cladding samples for major public facilities including stadiums, hospitals, hotels and universities.

CETEC is the preferred ACP testing provider for the West Australian and Victorian State Governments.


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