Cooling Tower RiskAssessment

Cooling Towers and Legionella Risk Management


With more than 25 years experience the team at CETEC is highly experienced in the risk assessment and management of asbestos, particularly in the workplace and public facilities.

CETEC can provide the following services:

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With the recent Legionella outbreaks, it is a timely reminder; is your Water Quality Risk Management Plan (WQRMP) up to date and audited? Have you recently had your cooling tower system independently checked?

CETEC are recognised as leaders in conducting investigations into Legionella outbreaks and assisting property owners and building managers with expert advice to assist in the overall crisis and long term risk management of your cooling tower system.  CETEC's Legionella consultants conduct independent cooling tower risk management audits.  We can develop risk management plans to meet legislative and ‘best practice’ requirements.

CETEC's experienced consultants can also assist with stakeholder communications and outrage management.


CETEC can provide the following services: 

  • Cooling tower audits (by an accredited cooling tower auditor)
  • Water delivery system risk management
  • Investigating a Legionella outbreak
  • Independent testing of your cooling tower
  • Undertaking or updating a CT risk assessment
  • Development of a Risk Management Plan of your cooling tower or water delivery system
  • Independent or due diligence review plus expert witness service

To talk to us confidentially about your service needs please contact us for Australia-wide service. 

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