Corrosion inside pipe


CETEC's Corrosion Services

CETEC has extensive experience in the assesment, investigation, diagnosis, remediation and prevention of issues related to all types of corrosion, including Microbially Induced Corrosion (MIC).  Our CETEC corrosion expert consultants can also provide corrosion risk assessments, expert reports and expert witness testimony.

Our project experience includes investigating corrosion problems in:

  • Pipes and fittings
  • Cooling towers and chiller systems
  • Bridges and other infrastructure
  • Plus, a wide range of products and other building materials including:
    • steel drums
    • tanks and vessels
    • copper wires
    • pumps and pump controllers
    • steel gutters
    • galvanised steel crack joints

CETEC can use ultrasonic, X-ray, magnetic and chemical methods for assessments in the field. 

Recent relevant clients include:

  • Jones Lang LaSalle
  • The GPT Group
  • NewsCorp
  • Johnson Controls
  • Federation Square
  • SunCorp Metway
  • Nov Pumps
  • Kane Constructions
  • Vincent Care
  • BDA Fire
  • Schindler Lifts
  • Arnold Bloch Leibler Lawyers
  • Clayton Utz


Related Corrosion Service

FORAY Laboratories uses a NATA accredited internal method based upon ASTM D2688 for determining Standard Test Methods for Corrosivity of Water in the absence of Heat Transfer (Weight Loss Methods).

This method covers the determination of the corrosivity of water by evaluating pitting and by measuring the weight loss of metal specimens. Pitting is a form of localised corrosion and may arise from any of the following typical corrosion mechanisms found in water systems:

  • Crevice corrosion
  • Under deposit corrosion
  • Microbiological influenced corrosion
  • Galvanic corrosion

Weight loss is a measure of the average corrosion rate (i.e. general or uniform corrosion rate). The rate of corrosion of a metal immersed in water is a function of the tendency of the metal to corrode and is also a function of the tendency for water and the materials it contains to promote (or inhibit) corrosion.

At FORAY we can:

  • Assess your coupons exposed to an air or water environment to determine the general corrosion by weight loss and maximum pit depth;
  • Provide comprehensive reports to you that document coupon condition as received and cleaned, general corrosion rate or maximum pit rate.  Foray uses an electrolytic method to clean the mild steel coupon to ensure a contamination free specimen for analysis while a chemical method is employed to clean the copper coupons; and
  • Foray can also complete metal corrositivity testing as described by UN Section 37 Classification Procedures, Test Methods and Criteria Relating to Substances of Class.

Coupon as received     Coupon after cleaning
Images: Coupons as received on the left and coupon after cleaning on the right.


Steel coupons after exposure
Image: Steel coupons after exposure to test fluid. The coupon on the left has been fully immersed in the liquid, the centre coupon was half immersed in the liquid, and the right coupon was only exposed to the air.

CETEC is a member of The Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA member)


CETEC are corporate ACA members

Arnold Bloch Leibler Lawyers

Optical microscope image of corrosion pinholes

During 2013/4, CETEC conducted an investigation on behalf of ABL's client into a chemical distribution stainless steel pipe system failure through corrosion. Our corrosion experts produced an investigation report and this was later followed by an Expert Opinion Report on the causes of failure. The case was settled in 2015.

Other Projects

Corroded chiller

Chiller corroded tube sheet showing areas of red rust deposits.  Once the corrosion products deposits fell off, this left the metal surface clean and exposed to further corrosion attack.


Corrosion of steel Crack-A-Joint

Corrosion of galvanized steel Crack-A-Joint between sections of concrete around a swimming pool. 


Fire Sprinker System corrosion

Internal corrosion of carbon steel pipe within a fire sprinkler system.





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