CETEC's site assessment and remediation validation service

Disinfection Verification and Risk Management for COVID-19

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, CETEC is business continuity

We are qualified and ready to address your COVID-19 risk with the following key elements:

Risk Assessment:

Identify the risks that the science of the coronavirus creates for your specific project/company.

Audit Cleaning and/or Ventilation Efficacy:

Given how the coronavirus is transmitted, know the extent to which existing policies mitigate your COVID-19 risk.

Risk Management Policies:

When surfaces, air, waste, and occupancy protocols transmission pose transmission risk, ensure they comply with best-practice infection control protocols/standards for a counterattack.

A Method Advisory:

Best-practice disinfecting instructions for your cleaning staff, tailored to each surface and equipment type in your facility.


Surface swabbing for coronavirus proxy indicators such as bacteria, virus, ATP, etc  + review of operational protocols.  

Training & Engagement:

Occupant behaviour is a risk factor, so let us help you deploy the most effective capability building and engagement programs.


Prune your risk 

Assure your occupants that your cleaning policies are effective and they are protected as well as fulfill your OH&S responsibility to provide a safe workplace.

Why Choose CETEC?

CETEC is a leading international building science consultancy of property-focused occupational hygienists and scientists on stand-by to reduce the COVID-19 risk in your operations.

Elena Bondareva article on Re-inhabiting our spaces. Safely has been published by the WELL Building Institute's WELL Learning Library. 

Dr Vyt Garnys is a member of the International WELL Building Institute's (IWBI) Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infection: Prevention and Preparedness, Resilience and Recovery .

Dr Garnys is on the Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating's (AIRAH) Expert panel on COVID-19 and HVAC&R, he was a speaker at the Facility Management Association of Australia's (FMA) Webinar on Hygiene Controls in Building during COVID-19 held in April 2020 and he was an expert panellist for IWBI's webcast on Strategies to help your organisation plan - part of a series of webcasts tackling Prevention and Preparedness, Resilience and Recovery. 

CETEC also has specific expertise in managing pathogen remediation and verification testing including, but not limited to: 

CETEC's experience in this area includes projects for public and private healthcare facilities, airports plus research and educational facilities.

To talk to us confidentially about your COVID-19 risk and service needs please contact us

Verification testing is conducted using surface swabbing. 

We use a rapid method that has been verified by US EPA and in accordance with hospital infection control.

Verification by Surface Swabbing



All CETEC Consultants providing field services in Australia have completed the Australian Government Department of Heath's Infection Control Training for COVID-19.

Below is an example of one of these certificates

Example Infection Control Certificate