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Plume Studies of Laboratory Emissions

It is important to understand the effect and of chemical vapours being emitted from laboratory fume cupboard stacks. CETEC can assess this risk with of predicted stack emissions with our plume study services.

Expertise in Legionella Risk Management

CETEC assists major public or high risk facilities including health and aged care facilities in managing their microbial water quality and Legionella risk. Learn more about CETEC's relevant experience and expertise.

Productivity Assessments

It is important to measure the physical work environment and the productivity of the workforce in order to determine where opportunities for improvement are possible and to capitalise on some of the significant cost savings available for organisations. CETEC has the tools to make such Facility Ecology and Work Environment Productivity Assessments possible.

Dangerous Goods Consultancy

Laboratory, hospital and plant designers are required to assess risks over the lifecycle of the facility. It is at the design stage that CETEC provide dangerous goods consultancy expertise to ensure compliance.

Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE)

Benchmarking and evaluating the performance of existing operational buildings is essential for property owners, facilities managers, and tenants so that they can ensure that the building is operating to somewhere near its full potential. Post occupancy evaluations allow this evaluation to take place.

Explosive Atmospheres and Hazardous Areas

A hazardous area is one in which an explosive atmosphere is present (or could be present) in a quantity that necessitates special precautions for the construction, installation and use of all electrical equipment, both freestanding and fixed. Do you need an Hazardous Area Verification Dossier?

Project Management

CETEC’s experienced team of scientists and engineers adopt a holistic approach to managing projects. In our experience it is frequently the case that there is inevitable crossover between a range of disciplines in any one project. For this reason there is often significant cost and time savings by having CETEC manage projects that have a diverse range of scientific and risk assessment needs.

Risk Management

Technical risks can be diverse and complex. At CETEC we focus on reducing your risk and providing solutions to assist with your risk management. CETEC has the experience and expertise to effectively manage your risk.

Building Air Tightness & Facade Leakage Testing

As leaders in Building Air Tightness Testing and Facade Leakage, we offer advice, solutions and on-demand testing to deliver the results you need for your project. We have ATTMA registered Air Tightness testers located in Melbourne, Sydney Brisbane and Perth.
Total 24 articles in this section.
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