GCMS Instrument used for VOC emissions analysis

Emissions Testing - GreenStar and Others

CETEC in conjunction with our wholly owned laboratory FORAY Laboratories conducts Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions Testing for a wide range of Australian and international clients.

Since 2004, we have been assessing a wide range of building materials for their chemical or VOC emissions and VOC content including:

  • Flooring materials (carpet, timber, vinyl and coatings)
  • Adhesives
  • Furnishings (i.e. fabrics, furniture, blinds)
  • Other building materials (i.e. insulation)

These products are often tested to ensure suitability for use in Green Star rated projects (Green Star Interiors, Green Star Performance, Green Star Design & As Built) as well as to meet other volunteer product rating schemes.

Why Use Our Service

In 2013, FORAY Laboratories obtained NATA Method accreditation for our emissions testing, which includes:

  • The collection of organic emissions from indoor materials and products according to ASTM D5116 - Small-scale environmental chamber determinations of organic emissions from indoor materials/products
  • The analysis of these emissions -  Total Volative Organic Compounds (TVOC)  and Formaldehyde using GCMS

As well as accreditation for these test methods, FORAY Laboratories has held a NATA laboratory accreditation since 1976.

The combined strength of our laboratory service (FORAY Laboratories) and consulting expertise (CETEC) results in an emissions testing service that can provide more than just a certificate for your GBCA, GECA, AFRDI or other requirement.   We can also provide:

  • Interpretation of emissions results
  • Identication and quanitification of problem components to reduce overall emissions
  • Product formulation assistance, identification and advice

Due to our experience in this field, in most cases where products are not compliant, some indication can be provided for the chemical cause with a reason for its likely presence and/or high quantity (eg. manufacturing or contamination sources). Furthermore, our ability to conduct further investigations into the VOCs emitted from products allows a deeper level of understanding into indoor odour/health concerns in buildings.

For more information about how CETEC can assist you with your emission testing needs, please contact our emissions testing specialist Dr Tuan Duong or call on 03 9544 9111.  Our consultants welcome any queries you may have in regards to getting your product tested. 

More Information

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VOC Emissions 

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Why test building materials for VOCs?   

  • Specification requirements
    • Green Star, GECA, AFRDI, CIAL, Ecospecifier
  • Certification for ’Approved Materials’
  • Increase sales
  • Worker health
  • Understand product performance
    • toxicity / risks / interactions
  • Improve the formulation
  • Reduce product liability
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA) data
  • Protect and enhance brand