Contaminated Land

With the redevelopment of former industrial sites, there is increasing recognition of the problems associated with contaminated land and increasingly complex environmental requirements. CETEC can help you with full range of environmental risk assessment and contaminated land management services.

Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS)

Investigations and Management for technically challenging acid sulphate soil (AAS)projects across Australia.

Emissions Testing - GreenStar and Others

CETEC, in conjunction with Foray Laboratories, assesses products for both VOC Emissions and VOC Content and provide the required test certificates.

NABERS Ratings

CETEC are highly qualified specialists in all four NABERS modules (Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment) and can provide ratings for compliance or for instigating sustainable improvements that can future proof your building and provide real cost savings. We can complete one or more of the Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment NABERS Ratings as well as provide your Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC).

Green Star

CETEC, in conjunction with Foray Laboratories, provides testing services and expertise for Green Star Buildings, Performance, Interiors and Design & As Built tools and specifically for Indoor Environment Quality and Innovation categories.

WELL Building Standard

CETEC has the expertise, knowledge and experience to help you to achieve features for the WELL Building Standard.


Sustainability has long been associated with ideas of “enduring” and “maintaining”. These ideas are extremely pertinent to the property and constructions industry, particularly as the building stock across Australia’s capital cities continues to change dramatically. CETEC has a leading position with sustainability services and strategies.

Materials Selection

CETEC assists architects, designers, engineers, product manufacturers and distributors with materials selection advice and testing services. This includes the testing of building products used in construction, fittings and furnishings to meet voluntary product performance schemes, such as Green Star.

Contamination and Decontamination

Buildings that are suspected to be contain chemical, biological or radiological contaminants need to be assessed and appropriately remediated. CETEC specializes in the decontamination of complex facilities, including the redevelopment of university laboratories, hospitals and industrial sites, as well as providing expertise for maintaining safe and clean facilities and managing decontamination resulting from incidents.


Waste does not just refer to rubbish and unwanted material, but can also include excavated material, construction, building and demolition waste, timber, vegetation, and hazardous materials including asbestos and chemicals. CETEC are highly experienced in the management, movement and appropriate disposal of waste.


CETEC is licensed and experienced in radiation surveys, electromagnetic radiation assessments from mobile phone towers plus radiation contamination risk assessment and management

Plume Studies of Laboratory Emissions

It is important to understand the effect and of chemical vapours being emitted from laboratory fume cupboard stacks. CETEC can assess this risk with of predicted stack emissions with our plume study services.

Dangerous Goods Consultancy

Laboratory, hospital and plant designers are required to assess risks over the lifecycle of the facility. It is at the design stage that CETEC provide dangerous goods consultancy expertise to ensure compliance.

Project Management

CETEC’s experienced team of scientists and engineers adopt a holistic approach to managing projects. In our experience it is frequently the case that there is inevitable crossover between a range of disciplines in any one project. For this reason there is often significant cost and time savings by having CETEC manage projects that have a diverse range of scientific and risk assessment needs.

Building Air Tightness & Facade Leakage Testing

As leaders in Building Air Tightness Testing and Facade Leakage, we offer advice, solutions and on-demand testing to deliver the results you need for your project. We have ATTMA registered Air Tightness testers located in Melbourne, Sydney Brisbane and Perth.