Legionella Risk Management Expertise

Expertise in Legionella Risk Management

Why Choose CETEC 

CETEC has consulted in Legionella risk management for more than 30 years.

Since 2013, CETEC has provided Legionella risk management expertise and services to more than 100 hospital and other high risk sites. 

The CETEC team of scientists, microbiologists and engineers are well versed in the available guidelines and in the investigation of outbreaks, plus ongoing and proactive management and control of Legionella risk within potable water systems. 

Our Background

CETEC Principal Consultant, Dr Vyt Garnys convened and conducted Australia's first general industrial workshop on Legionella in 1987. 

In 2000, CETEC was contracted by the management of the Melbourne Aquarium to provide a solution to recurring Legionella in their cooling tower water system.  CETEC also participated in their experts review committee and from this event, key learnings were incorporated into the Victorian government developed 'best practice' Legionella guidelines for the risk management of cooling towers.

In 2013, CETEC was the lead Legionella consultant at The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane and subsequently was appointed by the Queensland Government to a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) charged with developing the Guidelines for Managing Microbial Water Quality in Health Facilities. 

In 2014, a CETEC led consortium was engaged by the National Environmental Health Standing Committee (enHealth) to provide technical content for new national Guidelines for Legionella Control in the Operation and Maintenance of Water Distribution Systems in Health and Aged Care Facilities.  These guidelines were published in late 2015 and resulted in the rescinding of the Queensland guidelines in 2017.

Our Services

CETEC's team of experienced consultants that provide the following key services including:

  • Water Quality Risk Management Plans (WQRMPs)
  • Water Sampling and Analysis
  • Outbreak investigations
  • Disinfections (pastuerisation and chemical)

CETEC’s wholly owned laboratory, FORAY Laboratories is also now NATA accredited for both potable water sampling and testing for plate count and Legionella spp by traditional and rapid methods.  The rapid method can be conducted onsite.

To read more about the range of services: 

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Vyt Garnys and Travis Hale at Legionella Control conference

Relevant Publications and Presentations

Since August 2013, CETEC has presented papers at the 8th International Conference on  Legionella and the IHEA national conference as well as many other  industry conferences and seminars.

Most recently Josiah Padget and Dr Vyt Garnys presented two sessions at the National Legionella Conference held in November 2017 on the Gold Coast on the following topics:

Several articles have also been published in The Hospital Engineer and The Hotel Engineer.  

To learn more

To view these and other articles or presentations visit our publications page or contact us to discuss your specific needs or to ask questions.