Laboratory Design & Construction Australian Standard

Dangerous Goods Consultancy

New OH&S/WHS laws have been introduced across Australia, with a much larger emphasis on building design. Laboratory, hospital and plant designers are required to assess risks over the lifecycle of the facility. It is at the design stage that CETEC is able to offer expert advice and analysis of dangerous goods risk for the design team.

The new OH&S/WHS laws also provide a timely reminder for all laboratory managers and owners to assess their current laboratory layout and work practices as a means of assessing current and future risk.

Laboratories, hospitals and plants usually have a life span of approximately 20-30 years before major renovations or decommissioning occurs. A laboratory which was designed 10-20 years ago may no longer comply under the Australian Standards and as such risk mitigation is required to bring the current laboratory in line with current WHS laws.

Also considering that new technologies are being implemented into laboratories as research directions change, old laboratories usually undergo retrofitting to adjust to these new technologies, usually with limited thought of current Australian Standards and OH&S/WHS laws.

As part of the design process for new and retrofitting old laboratories, hospitals and plant, risk mitigation must be conducted at all stages of the project through safety audits with emphasis placed on;

Australian Standards are not always black and white. At CETEC, we are capable of reviewing the design of your facility against relevant Australian Standards. We provide comment on design with particular emphasis on dangerous goods compliance.

Sometimes the design needs to push the boundaries of the Australian Standards. CETEC have extensive experience with providing considered risk assessments and solutions that allow bespoke designs and procedures to happen, and thus reduce the risk.

CETEC’s preferred approach is to be an active participant on the design team, allowing rapid resolution of design issues that affect the end-user, architect, mechanical, electrical and fire engineers.

With a broad understanding on chemical procedures and protocols, and chemical toxicology, CETEC are able to provide estimated stack emissions from facilities for human toxicology and EPA emissions guideline compliance.

At CETEC we recommend the development of a common OH&S/WHS Dangerous Goods Strategic Management System to ensure a seamless integration when upgrading or building a new facility.