Legionella Bacteria

Legionella Risk Management

CETEC is recognised as an industry leader in conducting Legionella outbreak investigations and assisting property owners and building managers with the full range of Legionella risk management services.

Legionella Risk in Potable Water

CETEC's Legionella and Water Quality Consultants provide a range of Legionella risk management services specialising in high risk facilities, including hospitals and aged care facilities.  

Core services include;

  • Independent and accredited water sampling and analysis
  • Emergency investigations and disinfections 
  • Development of Water Quality Risk Management Plans (WQRMPs)
  • General Legionella risk management consulting

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Legionella Risk in Cooling Towers

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What is Legionella?

Legionella bacteria including Legionella pneumophila are naturally present in the environment and can be found in all water bodies and soils.

Cooling towers and water systems (when the water is often above 25 deg C, but less than 50 deg C) provide ideal conditions for Legionella bacteria to multiply to significant numbers within the systems.

When cooling towers and water systems generate aerosols (ie showers) this can then distribute Legionella bacteria that is present within the systems. People exposed to the Legionella bacteria containing aerosols can inhale them, which may lead to an infection known as legionellosis.  

Individuals who are in poor health, including residents at aged care facilities and hospital patients are more at risk than the average person.


Since August 2013, CETEC has presented papers at the 8th International Conference on Legionella as well as many industry seminars.  Several articles have also been published in The Hospital Engineer and The Hotel Engineer.  To view these articles and presentations please visit our publications page. - See more at: http://www.cetec.com.au/services/warmwater.html#sthash.BakydHN6.dpuf