Outrage Management

Outrage can be described as an extreme reaction of shock or upset, anger, or indignation following unresolved risk. Employee or occupant outrage can result following the occurrence of an event where affected stakeholders were not fully informed or consulted of the risks involved or the possible outcomes.

The level of outrage resulting from a risk event is dependent on the level of understanding by the individual relating to the consequences of the risk event occurring. When people are angry or frightened, they often overreact to risks that are small or even trivial in technical terms.  This overreaction can have a significant impact on your organisation whether it is via public image, employee satisfaction, or stakeholder confidence.

There are many techniques and tools that CETEC can use to identify and reduce occupant or employee outrage; however all of the techniques revolve around the one central theme – communication to stakeholders. Individuals who are or have been impacted by a risk event should be:

  • Consulted
  • Briefed
  • Educated
  • Counselled

Communication and information will assist in understanding the risk and thereby reducing the associated outrage.  It is also important to communicate what is being done to control and minimise the risk.

CETEC are technical and risk management experts who provide excellent communication skills based on technical data and risks. As such, CETEC is available to assist in preventing and managing outrage associated with your risk event.  

Education of stakeholders who may be affected by a risk event can help reduce the potential for outrage. CETEC are able to hold information sessions and provide informative leaflets to those who may be affected by a foreseen risk event.

In the case of an outrage incident occurring, CETEC can help you with your outrage management by providing consultation to those affected.


Annoyed woman

CETEC has successfully managed the outrage for leading corporate and government clients.