Plume Studies of Laboratory Emissions

It is important to understand the effect and of chemical vapours being emitted from laboratory fume cupboard stacks. Laboratory emissions can end up in air-conditioning air intakes, neighbouring buildings and expose workers on the roof.

CETEC can assess these risks at the design stage, by calculating the predicted stack emissions, then by conducting a plume study using physical models in a wind tunnel or computational (CFD) modelling.

With a broad understanding on chemical procedures and protocols, and chemical toxicology, CETEC are able to provide an accurate stack emission prediction and risk assess the plume study results for human toxicology and EPA emission guideline compliance.

CETEC has been involved in many recent projects, including at SAHMRI.  For this project CETEC calculated the expected emission concentration from the laboratory fume cupboards for physical plume modelling for exposure risk assessing of expelled contaminants.

CETEC can also assist with providing related specialist scientific risk assessments according to Australian Standards for dangerous goods and laboratory and hospital design requirements.

To learn more about our services please contact Dr Paulo Da Silva or Adam Garnys on (02) 9966 9211or via our website form.

The facade of SAHMRI is emerging - 28 May 2013