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Product & Process Development

CETEC has a team of scientists and chemical and environmental engineers with direct industry or consulting experience in many varied sectors including automotive, building & construction, packaging, metals, plastics, food and chemical processing.

We have a range of in house facilities and the ability to can provide Product Development services tailored for your project needs.  

Our capabilities include:

Product Development

  • Project Management
  • Value engineering
  • Re-engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Testing
  • Performance evaluations and compliance

Process Development

  • Business process mapping
  • De-bottlenecking
  • 'Plant' Ecology & Enhanced Productivity
  • LEAN principle implementation
  • Visual Management

Concept Testing

TCAP - Technology Alignment Capabilities Project

Between 2006 and 2008, CETEC successfully delivered on a major project called TCAP - Technology Alignment Capabilities Project.  This Victorian and local government funded project (to the value of $340,000) was managed and marketed by CETEC. The objective of TCAP was to connect the technology needs of Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the South East Melbourne region with the technology and expertise of the many Publically Funded Research Organisations such as Monash University, CSIRO and The Australian Synchrotron operating in the same region.

All the key targets for the project were successfully achieved.  1000 companies were initially selected for the Project (based on range of criteria for potential engagement). Of these, 311 companies were contacted resulting in 108 One-on-One Meetings and the subsequent identification of 164 Project Opportunities and 32 succesful engagements. 

CETEC's ability to engage the SMEs, identify technologies gaps and opportunites and then to match these needs with the capabilitites of the research organisations was a major achievement for both CETEC and the success of the project.

At CETEC we use our ability to understand a wide variety of businesses and their technology needs and we can match these requirements with tailored product or process development projects and solutions.  We use, as required, both the services of Foray Laboratories and our knowledge, links and partnerships with research organisations, such as Monash and Sydney University and CSIRO.