Project Management

Project Management

CETEC’s experienced team of scientists and engineers adopt a holistic approach to managing projects. In our experience it is frequently the case that there is inevitable crossover between a range of disciplines in any one project.

For this reason there is often significant cost and time savings by engaging CETEC for your project management, in particular, when there is a diverse range of auditing, scientific and risk assessment requirements such as: name just a few.

CETEC’s scientists and engineers have the ability to translate complex technical information into clear communications and reports for all project stakeholders. Our reports have been specifically designed for the end user. As such, they are highly visual in nature to maximize the value delivered to our clients and also to other stakeholders such as facility managers, designers, property owners, and the occupants.

CETEC is able to provide ongoing support. We take a proactive approach to reviewing reports, inventories and databases. We are able to discuss our ongoing supporting services with all relevant stakeholders and supply services with competitive consultant expertise and rates. 

Please contact our experienced multidisciplinary team on (02) 9966 9211, (07) 3808 3948 or (03) 9544 111 to discuss any complex projects that you are considering.