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Building Remediation

Storms, cyclones and flood events can lead to major building damage. CETEC can project manage your building remediation including hazardous materials assessments, mould identification & rapid bacterial testing, hygienist services, decontamination and independent reports prior to reoccupation.

Contaminated Land

With the redevelopment of former industrial sites, there is increasing recognition of the problems associated with contaminated land and increasingly complex environmental requirements. CETEC can help you with full range of environmental risk assessment and contaminated land management services.

Emissions Testing - GreenStar and Others

CETEC, in conjunction with Foray Laboratories, assesses products for both VOC Emissions and VOC Content and provide the required test certificates.

Asset Management for Public Health Services

CETEC can assist Victorian Public Hospitals and Health Services with the Asset Management Accountability Framework or AMAF Compliance Status Tool Auditing

Better Safeguard your Building in Faster Timeframes

Concerned about the combustibility and flammability risks of your building facade or cladding? We provide not just cladding analysis but also risk interpretation data to assess Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) cladding / Aluminium Composite Materials (ACM) cladding, sarking and insulation used in building facades.

NABERS Ratings

CETEC are highly qualified specialists in all four NABERS modules (Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment) and can provide ratings for compliance or for instigating sustainable improvements that can future proof your building and provide real cost savings. We can complete one or more of the Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment NABERS Ratings as well as provide your Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC).

Green Star

CETEC, in conjunction with Foray Laboratories, provides testing services and expertise for Green Star Performance, Interiors and Design & As Built tools and specifically for Indoor Environment Quality and Innovation categories.

WELL Building Standard

CETEC has the expertise, knowledge and experience to help you to achieve features for the WELL Building Standard.

Indoor Air Quality

With Australian office workers spending more than 80% of their time indoors, an emphasis on indoor air quality (IAQ) is paramount. Poor IAQ can carry a substantial cost burden and the CSIRO estimates that the cost of poor internal air quality in Australia may be as high as $12 billion per year. CETEC is a leader in providing both proactive IAQ audits, air quality monitoring and occupant surveys as well as conducting investigations into specific or ongoing building IAQ problems.

Indoor Environment Quality

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) refers to the quality of the indoor environment within buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health, comfort, and productivity of building occupants. CETEC offers world class knowledge and leading Australian field services with laboratory support.

Mould & Bacteria

CETEC have a wide range of highly skilled scientists and engineers to assist with any mould or bacterial issue. The first objective is to establish the source of the mould or bacterial growth and then adopt a disciplined sampling methodology. Following the analysis and identification process, we provide recommendations to our clients, and as required, devise a remediation plan. CETEC can also project manage the decontamination and flood remediation.


CETEC provides services in diagnosing and investigating corrosion in pipes, cooling towers, chillers and a wide range of building applications.

Hazardous Materials

CETEC has more than 30 years experience in the identification and management of hazardous materials, and all corresponding legislation. CETEC can audit, inventory and assist you in managing your hazardous materials.


CETEC provides a wide range of asbestos related services, from identification, audits, registers, management, removal and hygienist works. CETEC has a Licensed Asbestos Assessor for Class A works (NSW, VIC, and QLD). CETEC are also able to manage your asbestos related issues, including outrage management.
Total 26 articles in this section.
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